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About tripsnote

Community Guidelines

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Be Adventurous

Jump out of your comfort zone! A great deal of traveling is about gaining new perspectives, so don’t be shy and connect. Our community will be right next to you during your trip!

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Be Respectful

We want you to feel free to express your ideas and emotions. Share your feelings in a considerate way, respect other people’s opinions and, if you do disagree, go ahead. Just make sure to be polite! Nobody likes to feel uncomfortable around their travelling pal, so let's try to stay in good company.

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Share Your Experience

We love to read travel tales it’s a way to find out more about this multifaceted world. So share as much as you can of your experience! Make sure to include suggestions, tips, quirky things that no guidebook would ever help us find out or ever want to say ;). Your fellow travellers will certainly be very grateful!

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Ask For Help

You are finally ready for that great adventure across the world you always dreamed of but don’t have a clue about where to start? Ask someone who has already been there or pop a question to locals registered on Tripsnote. We hope to create a synergic and friendly community!

Our Manifesto

Have you ever thought about sharing the vibes you felt while traveling?
Are you looking for a way to remember the places you have been to?

Tripsnote is a travel journal where you can save and share contents, as well as interact with people and places that surround you.
Discover new places and let your followers know about them too. Follow the itineraries of people you love and dream with them. Tripsnote welcomes every kind of traveller, beginner or experienced, as long as the person, is an enthusiastic explorer. We just love people who can take a challenge and walk new paths!

If you have ever kept a diary, you know what we are talking about.
Otherwise, what about starting now? This is Tripsnote.

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