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Live, discover, connect your memories and stories to a place and chart your itineraries.
Share them with loved ones to discover new ways to travel.

How it works

Create a profile and start your journey! You can geo-tag your itinerary, photos, videos and notes on the map. Follow the profiles of other travelers or just a single trip you are really interested in. If you need any advice about your next trip just ask the community
Remember that sharing the passion for travel is Tripsnote’s philosophy!

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Community Guidelines


Be Adventurous

Jump out of your comfort zone! A great deal of traveling is about gaining new perspectives, so don’t be shy and connect. Our community will be right next to you during your trip!

Be Respectful

We want you to feel free to express your ideas and emotions. Share your feelings in a considerate way, respect other people’s opinions and, if you do disagree, go ahead. Just make sure to be polite! Nobody likes to feel uncomfortable around their travelling pal, so let's try to stay in good company.

Share Your Experience

We love to read travel tales it’s a way to find out more about this multifaceted world. So share as much as you can of your experience! Make sure to include suggestions, tips, quirky things that no guidebook would ever help us find out or ever want to say ;). Your fellow travellers will certainly be very grateful!

Ask For Help

You are finally ready for that great adventure across the world you always dreamed of but don’t have a clue about where to start? Ask someone who has already been there or pop a question to locals registered on Tripsnote. We hope to create a synergic and friendly community!


Pierantonio Guiglia
Pierantonio Guiglia - CEO
Previously in accounting, now in HR and worldwide product expansion. Piero is the treasurer of Tripsnote and is in charge of strategic outlook. Developing international business is his battlefield.

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Save Patruno
Save Patruno - CTO
Save is the brain behind Tripsnote' systems and structure. Even though in everyday life is a real jester, Save takes his engineering tasks very seriously. In fact he's tapping python code as you read this. Do not disturb, please!

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Giulia Cotti
Giulia Cotti - Content Editor & Social MediaManager
Growing up she embarked on a few major adventures around the world, fell in love with that tantalizing city which is San Francisco, and decided to major in Languages and Foreign literatures. Curious and sociable, Giulia is Tripsnote' content creator and copy writer.

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Rudra Chakraborty
Rudra Chakraborty - Comunication & Media Manager
Polyhedric and multilingual, Rudra is a globetrotter. In his experience, the more you know, the less you know. His task is to connect the real world to the virtual world by managing relations with both man and womankind.

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Riccardo Loschi
Riccardo Loschi - Social MediaManager
Previous station manager at his college Radio, Riccardo is a hardworking student with a not-so-much hidden party animal soul. Riccardo is just the right man for managing Tripsnote' social media. And have you heard? Our busy bee is moving to Hong Kong soon!

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Smart and creative, engaging and competent. Mumble is the right startup to start our adventure with.

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